Wyre Forest School Sport Partnership was established in 2002 and has been running for the past 14 years. The Partnership has been the driving force behind raising standards and participation in PE and School Sport across the District, developing exciting competition opportunities, allowing young people to be trained as leaders and creating strong links between schools and sports clubs.

In 2010, the Government made the decision to cut the funding for School Sport Partnerships across the country and instead launched a new sporting initiative called 'The School Games', focusing on creating more, regular competitive opportunities for young people in Y3 - Y13.

In the Wyre Forest, the support and backing from Head Teachers was so positive that we were able to retain the Wyre Forest School Sport Partnership, with schools 'opting' in to the Partnership.

The schools that have done so receive additional curriculum support, bespoke support, access to termly competitive leagues, access to participate in whole Partnership events, access to events for targeted groups, additional leadership training, regular CPD opportunities and have access to an array of equipment, such as dance mats, mountain bikes and disability sports equipment.